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Teaching Science as Inquiry

Teaching Science as Inquiry
Author: Arthur A. Carin - Joel E. Bass - Terry L. Contant
ISBN 13: 9780131181656
ISBN 10: 131181653
Edition: 10th
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 2004-04-30
Format: Paperback
Pages: 688
List Price: $133.33

Research tells us that an inquiry approach to science teaching motivates and engages every type of student, helping students understand science's relevance to their lives as well as the nature of science itself. But is there a Manageable way for new and experienced teachers to bring inquiry into their science classrooms?

Teaching Science as Inquiry models this effective approach to science teaching with a two-part structure: Methods for Teaching Science as Inquiry and Activities for Teaching Science as Inquiry. The Methods portion scaffolds concepts and illustrates instructional models to help readers understand the inquiry approach to teaching. The Activities portion follows the 5-E model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate), which is a Learning Cycle model introduced in the methods chapters that reflects the NSES Science as Inquiry Standards.

Integrating an inquiry approach, science content, teaching methods, standards, and a bank of inquiry activities, Teaching Science as Inquiry demonstrates the manageable way for new and experienced teachers to bring inquiry into the science classroom.

  • Integrated standards coverage in all chapters provides a clear picture of the best ways to let the NSES Standards inform instruction.
  • Each activity is keyed to the NSES Standards, further developing new and experienced teachers' fluency with a standards-based science classroom.
  • Margin notes throughout methods chapters link readers to activities that model science teaching methods and the development of science content.
  • Annenberg videos, fully integrated in the text through reflective cases, ground chapter concepts by illustrating inquiry teaching inclassrooms.