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Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools (5th Edition)

Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools (5th Edition)
Author: Ann P. Turnbull - H. Rutherford Turnbull - Michael
ISBN 13: 9780131708693
ISBN 10: 131708694
Edition: 5
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 2006-03-19
Format: Paperback
Pages: 528
List Price: $126.67

Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today’s Schools 5th Edition

Rud Turnbull ¡ Ann Turnbull ¡ Michael Wehmeyer

Through real-life stories of children and their families, this preeminent book provides students with a comprehensive experience in special education. Long noted for their focus on universal design, inclusion, families, and partnerships, the authors present a realistic look at the workings of special education as future teachers, both general and special educators, will need to know it.

Check out the textbook that has it all. Is this what future teachers need?

    • Most current updates of the 2004 IDEA reauthorization

    • A DVD highlighting the people in the chapters and featuring adults with disabilities living in the real world

    • Stories and photos of real people with disabilities in chapter opening vignettes

    • Practical applications and tips for general education teachers and special education teachers in several special features
    • PRAXIS and CEC standards connections

    • A values framework to guide professional development

    • A chapter structure that guides the reader through the process of identification, developing IEPs, shaping a curriculum of inclusion, and assessing and serving students as the law prescribes


Bringing the world of special education to life for future teachers in a new DVD…This edition continues the tradition of learning about special education through real people with disabilities. Case studies, photographs, and videos of individuals with disabilities, and their families, help readers connect with the content inmeaningful ways. The new DVD steps into adulthood by showing adults with disabilities who are living fulfilling lives after high school.



Bringing the classroom to life for future teachers…This edition provides a wide range of tips and strategies for teachers. From inclusion, technology, and classroom practice to diversity and partnerships, this book will become a mainstay in a teacher’s professional library.



Bringing quality education to all students…Long noted for the innovative “Inclusion Tips,” this text continues its focus on providing an education for students in inclusive ways. Strategies for appropriate inclusion techniques and ways to provide accommodating learning environments prepare teachers for the realities of education.



Bringing professionalism into focus…The text continues to present a strong emphasis on values that the authors believe help shape successful teachers. The core standards in Special Education from the Council for Exceptional Children and PRAXIS also guide readers in shaping their professional growth. National standards and a strong commitment to individuals with disabilities remain the building blocks of competent future teachers.