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Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators (2nd Edition)

Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators (2nd Edition)
Author: Sandra DeYoung
ISBN 13: 9780131790261
ISBN 10: 131790269
Edition: 2
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2008-01-07
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
List Price: $89.80

Updated in a new second edition, this readable book prepares graduate nursing students to be nurse educators in settings of staff development, patient education, or academia—covering commonalties of teaching that pertain to all three. Practical information and cutting-edge content emphasize the theories and strategies most likely to be used in the field.

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Reviewer:Bonnie L. Saucier, PhD, RN(Indiana State University)
Description:This book, designed to help nurses learn how to teach, provides the theory base for nurses who are in an educator role. Included are examples of how the concepts in this book are applied in various work settings.
Purpose:This book addresses the commonalities of teaching across numerous settings. Nurses who teach patients, staff, or students have the opportunity to learn teaching principles applicable to their specific needs. The author's objectives are met.
Audience:Nurses who are in educator roles can use the information in this book to develop an understanding of educational issues and innovations, which include the topics of literacy and distance learning. The author has 30 years of experience as an educator and has brought to the nurse basic learning theory information with many approaches that can assist in achieving desired learning outcomes.
Features:The chapters are divided into three sections. Part I on teaching an learning includes a chapter on "good teaching" and research related to good teaching as well as principles for good practice in teaching. Part II on the learner provides information about patients, students and nurses as learners. Motivation and readiness, multicultural and gender aspects of learning, along with readability and literacy are just a few of the topics found in this section. Part III on teaching strategies incorporates advantages and disadvantages, purposes and uses of methods and research on the strategies. Each chapter includes features that are useful as teaching strategies: case study, critical thinking exercises, and ideas for future research.
Assessment:This book provides a unique and much needed format for new and/or seasoned nurse educators to learn or revisit exciting teaching techniques.