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Classroom Management for All Teachers: Plans for Evidence-Based Practice (3rd Edition)

Classroom Management for All Teachers: Plans for Evidence-Based Practice (3rd Edition)
Author: Ennio C. Cipani
ISBN 13: 9780131991644
ISBN 10: 131991647
Edition: 3
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2007-02-17
Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
List Price: $37.80

This book is based on the idea that a behavior management plan can be as effective in preventing problematic classroom behavior as it is in managing it and utilizes an evidence-based approach to solving problems. It offers easy-to-implement, research-based plans for addressing problematic classroom behavior in two key areas: on-task time/assignment completion and disruption/rule violation. The author introduces a dozen behavior management plans in non-technical language. This eliminates the need for extensive training in behavior therapy or learning theory.


  • An introductory chapter addressing “evidence-based” practice in education–Explaining the scientific nature of the book's plans and introducing the rationale behind the use of such practice.
  • A chapter on the “beeper” system for enhancing student engagement.
    • Introduces a recently developed device, the “MotivAider”–explains how it works, when it is best used, and what can be expected when it is used.
  • A common format in each plan chapter (Chapters 2 -12)–Description, terms, apparatus, baseline measurement, procedures, “how it works,” additional considerations, hypothetical cases, “what if,” and forms.
    • Facilitates comparison among plans–helps future teachers develop their intuitive sense for what works with which learners, and why.
  • Discussion of a “dual plan” strategy for addressing disruptive behavior–Teaming a plan for stopping the disruptive behavior with one for encouraging desired behavior.
    • Illustrates the advantage in tackling certain problem behaviors “on two fronts”–offers specific plans that work concurrently to change “bad” behavior into “good” behavior.
  • A wide range of plans–For individual students, small groups, and entire classrooms.
    • Expands the repertoire of both beginning and veteran teachers–provides a full complement of strategies to fit a wide range of situations and behaviors.
  • Perforated pages—Enables teachers to tear out specific plans for implementation.