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50 Literacy Strategies for Beginning Teachers, 1-8 (2nd Edition) (Pt. 1-8)

50 Literacy Strategies for Beginning Teachers, 1-8 (2nd Edition) (Pt. 1-8)
Author: Terry L. Norton - Betty L. Land
ISBN 13: 9780132243025
ISBN 10: 132243024
Edition: 2
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 2007-04-21
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
List Price: $33.00

Based on real-life case scenarios, this book is a reliable source of information of hands-on strategies, useful in planning literacy lessons that teach word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing to students in grades 1-6. All of the strategies presented address literacy strengths and/or learners' needs–many are adaptable for use with all learners, regardless of age, grade, or special needs.

Using illustrative examples from authentic reading passages, this book comprehensive covers the following topics: creating successful literacy lessons; word recognition strategies; vocabulary strategies; comprehension strategies; and writing strategies.

Appropriate for all educators of grammar school-age children, this book is also a useful resource for those who teach ESL, Continuing Education courses, and parents that wish to apply these strategies for successful home study.


  • Easy to follow step-by-step procedures are given.
  • 10-15 strategies are explained for each of the following literacy competencies: word recognition (context clues, phonic analysis, structural analysis, vocabulary development, comprehension, and writing—Easy access for users to strategies that students need for literacy development.
  • Strategies are modeled through authentic text—Users are shown, not “told”, how to provide scaffolding.

  • A matrix for strategy selection is provided on the end covers and each strategy offers quick access to information in the “Strategy at a Glance” box at the beginning of each strategy—Users are able to quickly navigate the book for appropriate strategies for grade levels and literacy competencies.