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Literacy Profiles: A Framework to Guide Assessment, Instructional Strategies and Intervention, K-4

Literacy Profiles: A Framework to Guide Assessment, Instructional Strategies and Intervention, K-4
Author: Sue Biggam - Kathleen Itterly
ISBN 13: 9780132380829
ISBN 10: 13238082
Edition: 1
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2008-07-17
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
List Price: $43.20

“Too often teachers are asked to simply report whether or not students are at grade level in reading or writing, based on single or narrow measures.  Profiles, on the other hand, offer a wider lens, permitting the teacher to notice and record students’ development across different dimensions of literacy.”  

Sue Biggam and Kathleen Itterly


Designed to serve teachers as a classroom handbook, Literacy Profiles: A Framework for Assessing, Recording and Developing Students’ Literacy Progress, K-4 serves as a practical tool to help you identify and evaluate the literacy strengths and weaknesses of each student in your classroom.  The framework for the literacy profiles identifies ten critical areas of literacy learning and allows teachers to record the incremental steps individual students make as they become competent and confident readers and writers. Chapter content provides guidance for sharpening your instructional skills and scaffolding instruction based on both summative and formative assessment data. Literacy Profiles provides a valuable progress monitoring tool to tailor literacy learning to individual needs based on purposeful and appropriate assessment information.

What will you find valuable in Literacy Profiles?

  • A comprehensive framework that outlines ten strands of literacy development and incremental learning goals for children in grades K-4.
  • Assessment tools that measure not only what students can do but what can they “almost do” to better link assessment with instruction. 
  • Teaching and learning guidance tied to Cambourne’s conditions of learning and social/interactiveengagement based on Vgotsky’s zone of proximal development.
  • Artifacts and assessment data collected from Willa, an actual second grade student,   offers authentic methodology for using the literacy profile with children.

What do reviewers say?

“I’m impressed with the authors’ efforts to include background, assessment and instruction in one text. This is (a) major undertaking and one the field definitely needs.”

Diane Bottomley — Ball State University

“The author has chosen great strategies and concepts to introduce to the reader.”

Stephanie Grote — Texas A&M Corpus Christi