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Urban America: Processes and Problems

Urban America: Processes and Problems
Author: John M. Levy
ISBN 13: 9780132871112
ISBN 10: 132871114
Edition: 1
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 1999-11-25
Format: Paperback
Pages: 302
List Price: $135.20

Refreshingly unbiased, this comprehensive, multi-perspective study on urban America provides an historic overview of the field, emphasizes economic, financial, political, and administrative considerations, and explores some of today's most critical urban issues and problems —such as multiculturalism, the controversy over immigration, poverty, crime, and public education.

Analyzes the present state of urban housing, urban planning, urban governance, urban economy, and the financing of urban government; provides a history of U.S. immigration and presents divergent views on immigration ranging from essentially open borders to highly restrictionist; covers U.S. poverty since the 1960s, with alternative perspectives on both causes and remedies. Contains a detailed examination of crime and the criminal justice system and outlines changes over the last several decades in both incarceration policy and policing techniques; discusses how public schools are funded, controversies over busing and bilingual education, and the pros of recent proposals such as vouchers and charter schools.

For professionals in a variety of fields that have an interest in urban studies.