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Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education (9th Edition)

Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education (9th Edition)
Author: William L. Heward
ISBN 13: 9780135144367
ISBN 10: 135144361
Edition: 9
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2008-03-27
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 656
List Price: $146.00

Widely recognized as a market leader for its innovation, strong research base, and accessibility, the ninth

edition of William L. Heward’s Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education continues this

tradition of excellence.


• Featured Teacher essays Each chapter begins with a first-person essay by master teachers that

reflects the joys, challenges, and realities of teaching exceptional children. Drawn from urban,

suburban, and rural school districts across the country, the 18 featured teachers share personal

experiences and wisdom gathered from years of instructing children in a variety of school settings.

• MyEducationLab Access to MyEducationLab for this text allows readers to see, hear, and

learn from the teachers featured in the text through video. Throughout the book,

MyEducationLab icons connect key content and concepts practiced by master teachers to

Homework & Exercises on MyEducationLab.

• Tips for Beginning Teachers Each chapter culminates with practical, quick tips for beginning

teachers–offered by the master teacher featured in each chapter–on how to avoid common

pitfalls in the classroom.


• Teaching & Learning features All of the strategies described in the Teaching & Learning features

are classroom-tested, supported by research, and provide clear and practical step-by-step

guidelines for designing, implementing, and evaluating instruction for students withdisabilities.

• MyEducationLab Each of the research-based practices discussed in the Teaching & Learning

features are connected to Homework & Exercises or Building Teaching Skills activities in

MyEducationLab that extend and further develop these strategies through video, artifacts,

or articles.


• Current Issues and Future Trends features These essays highlight the ever-changing nature of

special education with the controversial issues, triumphs, struggles, and interventions involved in

special education.

For Future Preparation and Teacher Certification:

• CEC Performance-Based Standards The Common Core standards are printed on the inside front

cover of the text. Margin notes throughout the text link critical content to specific knowledge and

skill statements from CEC’s Performance-Based Standards for Beginning Teachers.

• Coverage of PRAXIS IITM Tests A PRAXIS Study Grid in the Appendix shows where content areas

of the PRAXIS II Test, Education of Exceptional Students: Core Principles, are discussed in the text.

A listing of the principles is on the inside back cover of this text.