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Creating Careers with Confidence

Creating Careers with Confidence
Author: Edward Colozzi
ISBN 13: 9780135157893
ISBN 10: 135157897
Edition: 1
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2008-08-21
Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
List Price: $38.40

Written by nationally renowned career development consultant, Ed Colozzi, Creating Careers with Confidence is an inspiring, powerfully reflective, engaging, accessible, and valuable self-paced workbook.  Based on highly respected and proven career develoment theory, this workbook facilitates discovering one's calling, increasing personal awareness, empowering self-efficacy beliefs, and understanding the possibility of creating careers with meaning and personal fulfillment.

Having consulted, trained, and taught in the career development arena for more than three decades, in the late 1970's Ed coined the term career/life, which reframes the notion of career as a choice involving multiple life roles.  Ed focuses his work in discovering callings and the role of spirituality, meaning, purpose, and values in the career choice process.

Key factors that raise self-efficacy beliefs (performance objectives, verbal persuasion, vicarious learning experiences, and physiological states) are creatively woven into the fabric of the various activities, including the introductory fable, The Choice.  Indeed, The Choice is a powerful metaphor for making career/life choices based on the Holland typology.  Creating Careers with Confidence effectively teaches students about the career development process and offers an logical step-by-step approach that results in clarity, direction, and increased career decision-making self-efficacy.  This model translates into student success in the classroom and school-to-work transitions.

Based on a constructivist approach and a combination of developmental, matching, and decision-making theories, this self-paced workbookoffers the following benefits and more:


  • Essentials of career exploration and planning

  • Reflection with a focus on the opportunity to create careers that provide meaning and purpose

  • The self-discovery process and its impact on making occupational choices coupled with one's personality type

  • Effective exercises for balancing career and life roles

  • Internet links for numerous helpful sites including the interactive ACT World-of-Work Map

  • Best Next Steps for developing an individual action plan to implement career/life choices

  • An Informational Interview activity that highlights the value of networking and researching hidden job markets

  • A valuable appendix filled with practical activities including an Academic Advising Guide for college course selection, a section on cover letters, resume writing, job interviews, and Personal Coaching Tools for stress reduction, time management, and setting and accomplishing goals. 

 “In your Creating Careers with Confidence workbook, you have shown a rare ability to incorporate many of the best ideas on helping people to understand their potential and to find out ways of developing and using it in the world of work into one small, easily understood, and very interesting package. Your use of the inspiring banyan tree to help people analyze their interests, skills, and values; the adaptations of Holland’s typology, My Rainbow, Bowlsbey’s decision model, Prediger’s world-of work map, and your own considerable experience in group and individual career counseling have produced an appealing and valuable workbook for helping people to understand the career pathways that they might follow in search of self-fulfillment.”

—Donald E. Super, PH.D.

“Based on the best of career development theory and practice, this interesting and self-paced booklet teaches its readers how to learn about themselves, decide what they want in each of life’s roles, and then how to get it!”

 —JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey, Ed.D.

For further information and support, contact the author at 1-877-6-WISHES or www.lifeworkps.com/edwardc.

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