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Applied Social Psychology

Applied Social Psychology
Author: Stanley W. Sadava - Donald R. McCreary
ISBN 13: 9780135331750
ISBN 10: 135331757
Edition: 1
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 1996-11-15
Format: Paperback
Pages: 380
List Price: $258.60

This practical and contemporary book takes the methods and theories of social psychology into the real-life settings of today's society, including health, law, environment, business and the media. Drawing from the academic and practical experience of applied social psychologists who are experts in their fields, it conveys the excitement and potential of social psychology in our society by showing users firsthand how a social psychologist conducts a survey for a client, evaluates a social program, improves the communication skills of medical students, consults for the courts, designs a marketing campaign and a program to reduce pollution, and resolves conflicts in an organization. For social psychologists.

Peter B. Zeldow

The book consists of 16 original chapters that describe the contributions of social psychology to survey research, program evaluation, healthcare, aging, mental health, consumer behavior, the law, the environment, media studies, organizations, and gender. No prior research background is assumed, and real-life vignettes introduce many chapters. "The book is intended to serve as a textbook for a basic course in social psychology which emphasizes the practical applications of the discipline. "The intended audience for the book is undergraduate students, not necessarily psychology majors, but with some background in psychology. There are no other recent social psychology texts with the same emphasis. The authors of the various chapters are credible authorities who do a uniformly good job of demonstrating the value of social psychological research perspectives in the various domains covered. "In addition to a 35-page reference section and separate subject and author indexes, each chapter concludes with a useful list of suggested readings. There are a few tables throughout the book, and more frequent boxes which summarize specific applications. "This is an interesting and accessible text. It provides an excellent introduction to social psychology in action. Theoretical and methodological concerns have a strong presence, and editorial oversight is effective without being overbearing. Depth and breadth of coverage are both occasionally sacrificed, but not to a degree that undermines the editors' objective.