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Organizational Behavior in Education: Leadership and School Reform (10th Edition)

Organizational Behavior in Education: Leadership and School Reform (10th Edition)
Author: Robert E. Owens Jr. - Thomas C. Valesky
ISBN 13: 9780137017461
ISBN 10: 137017464
Edition: 10
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2010-05-06
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 400
List Price: $171.80

Well-established as a standard textbook in the preparation of effective and thoughtful school administrators, the Tenth Edition of Organizational Behavior in Education continues its tradition of offering students of educational administration the most current thinking and the most in-depth exploration of organizational leadership as it relates to decision-making, organizational change, managing conflict, and motivating others. As readers are challenged to develop and analyze the successful implementation of school reform, they gain a professional understanding of the organizational theory and research that are the bedrock of modern practice.

This thoroughly revised edition updates the research and theory behind organizational effectiveness in schools as it pertains to change, leadership, and new issues in school reform including comprehensive school reform models, charter schools, and school vouchers. This new material contains current emerging developments in the fast-paced world of contemporary school reform and keeps students abreast of emerging trends.

New Features Include:

  • New Critical Incidents at the beginning of each chapter provide learners with opportunities to develop critical thinking skills related to chapter content and to better understand real-world occurrences in school environments.
  • New research evidence surrounding current market-based reforms, such as charter schools, vouchers, and tuition tax credits, allows learners to develop informed opinions on the privatization of education.
  • New research evidence on the effectiveness of the standards-based movement in education helps readers come to their own conclusions about whether or not standards-based education has resulted in higher student achievement.
  • New material on Comprehensive School Reform (CSR) models, assists readers in understanding and analyzing new trends in educational reform.
  • Updated leadership theory and research, including the concepts of sustainability leadership and distributed leadership, ensure that students stay current in the field of leadership studies.

    "This text is laden with history, theory, and description. It serves as a foundation for the student’s future decisions...I personally believe it gives them a sense of the development of theory over time in the various areas covered. It gives them a basis for forming their own leadership styles, understanding that perhaps they are not a clear cut one size fits all but perhaps a bit of many theories and models. This text gives them this sense of the richness of theory and the realization that there is no one size fits all answers. However, it lays a foundation on which they can predicate future administrative decisions, reforms, and procedures." Patricia Helene Earl, Marymount University