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The Whole Child: Developmental Education for the Early Years (9th Edition)

The Whole Child: Developmental Education for the Early Years (9th Edition)
Author: Joanne Hendrick - Patricia Weissman
ISBN 13: 9780137153053
ISBN 10: 137153058
Edition: 9
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2009-02-14
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 456
List Price: $152.60

The Whole Child:  Developmental Education for the Early Years, Ninth Edition

Joanne Hendrick, University of Oklahoma, Emerita

Patricia Weissman

What is a child?  What do children need from their learning environment in order to thrive?

The thoroughly updated and revised Ninth Edition covers the same concrete, how-to information that students have found so useful in earlier editions.  The Whole Child is based on the premises that physical and emotional health are fundamental to the well-being of children, that education must be developmentally appropriate if that well-being is to prosper, and that children need time to be children.  While addressing daily issues such as naptime, toileting, and communicating with families, the authors also explain how to implement theoretical issues, such as emergent curriculum and Vygotsky's notion of scaffolding, to support children's learning.  From discussions on child abuse to the fostering of cognitive skills and creativity, the book gives students an authentic guide in how to support the whole child emotionally, socially, cognitively, physically, and creatively. 


This edition includes:

NEW! — Presents the content in a new 16-chapter format.

  • Chapter 6 is a new chapter on Assessment and Planning–Helps students understand the current emphasis on standards-based education and how to maintain ”best practices” while meeting school requirements.

  • Chapter 15 is a new chapter, Fostering the Creative Self–Discusses what creativity is, how it develops, and whatteachers can do to enhance children’s creative growth.

  • Chapter 16 is a new chapter, Developing and Implementing Curriculum for the Whole Child–Helps students pull together the different elements of early childhood education into a cohesive program for the whole child.

  • Other chapters were combined and streamlined for more practical use by instructors. (The content from Chapter 7, Tender Topics, has been integrated into other chapters.)

NEW!  Discusses the integrated curriculum–Helps students understand the importance of meeting all of the children’s developmental needs across the curriculum spectrum. 


NEW!  Presents new information about the ecological theory of human development as outlined by Urie Brofenbrenner. 

 NEW!  Includes content on children in elementary grades 1-3 in each chapter–Expands the usefulness of the text to primary school teachers.