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Dynamic Social Studies for Constructivist Classrooms: Inspiring Tomorrow's Social Scientists (9th Edition)

Dynamic Social Studies for Constructivist Classrooms: Inspiring Tomorrow's Social Scientists (9th Edition)
Author: George W. Maxim
ISBN 13: 9780138132439
ISBN 10: 138132437
Edition: 9
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2009-02-19
Format: Paperback
Pages: 480
List Price: $128.60

By modeling creative teaching in today’s classroom climate and by providing engaging and meaningful tools to use in the classroom, this engaging, constructivist-oriented text will help new teachers breathe life into social studies teaching. George Maxim writes the book with the premise that bringing the social studies curriculum to life for elementary students encourages them to become informed, caring citizens who will make a difference in our world. From his text, teachers gain a clear vision of the most effective and creative way to teach social studies and to motivate their elementary students to become social scientists.


How will this text help teachers create a dynamic social studies classroom?

NEW!  Takes a Developmental Inquiry Approach- Helps readers understand how to introduce and refine inquiry skills through developmentally suitable instructional strategies.
NEW!  Integrated Learning: Connecting Learning to the Real World (Ch.3)– this new chapter helps teachers fulfill the goals and standards for social studies instruction by incorporating content and skills from other subject areas.
NEW!   “Backward Design” for Unit Planning, presented inChapter 10, helps readers apply this popular approach to planning and teaching social studies units.
NEW!  Includes even more examples of exciting classroom activities to help highlight and illustrate important professional concepts and skills.
NEW!   Proposes the establishment of Democratic Learning Communities-Helps students experience democracy in their classrooms as a basis for developing the dispositions for democratic living as adults.
Inside an Active Classroom features, threaded throughout chapters, bring you right into lively, successful social studies classrooms.
NEW!  Integrated online MyEducationLab resources help support new teachers’ application of chapter content by viewing authentic in-class video footage, rich case studies, examples of authentic teacher and student work, and more.
Full chapter on diversity helps teachers to understand and address the needs of the students they will be teaching.