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Creative Intelligence: Discovering the Innovative Potential in Ourselves and Others

Creative Intelligence: Discovering the Innovative Potential in Ourselves and Others
Author: Alan J. Rowe
ISBN 13: 9780138157920
ISBN 10: 138157928
Edition: 1
Publisher: FT Press
Publication Date: 2004-03-22
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
List Price: $26.95

Creative Intelligence: Discovering the Innovative Potential inOurselves and OthersHow to Foster Intuition, Innovation, Imagination, andInspirational Leadership in Your OrganizationAlan J. Rowe

"Organizations will not be in the phone book five to seven years fromnow unless they understand the significance of creativity and creativeleadership. Rowe's useful and readable book provides rich insightsabout how creativity affects the bottom line."

–Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor and co-author of Geeks andGeezers, Harvard Press

"In Creative Intelligence, Alan Rowe makes a compelling case thatcreativity is essential for success in today's complex, rapidlychanging world, and that all of us can discover and unlock our creativepotential. He presents a clear and practical roadmap for how we canunderstand, measure, and apply our creative capabilities. Moreover, Roweshows how leaders can develop creative talent and support creativitythroughout their organizations. This book is a must read for anyoneseeking creative solutions to life's difficult and messy problems."

–Tom Cummings, University of Southern California School of Management

"Creative Intelligence convinces you that you do possess creativity. Itshows you how to determine the types you have, and encourages you to dosomething with your talents."

–Gerald Nadler, IBM Chair Emeritus in EngineeringManagement, University of Southern California, and co-author of thebestselling Breakthrough Thinking

Now's the time to tap your hidden creativity, and unleash more of it inthe people around you. One book will show you how–CreativeIntelligence. Begin by evaluating yourself with the world's mostadvanced psychological test for assessing creativity. Discover yourstrengths. Uncover your potential. Then, learn from the world's mostcreative individuals as you transform your potential into reality.

Along the way, you'll discover techniques for strengthening yourintuition and your imagination...your receptiveness to innovation...evenyour ability to inspire.

Creativity is power. Take that power into your hands with CreativeIntelligence.

How creative are you? How can you be more creative? Alan J. Rowe drawson the latest research to help you understand creativity, identify it,measure it, promote it, and apply it more effectively.

Rowe introduces four types of creativity: intuition, innovation,imagination, and inspirational leadership. Next, he presents theCreative Potential Profile, a systematic test for measuring creativepotential. This test instrument is an outgrowth of the highly successfulDecision Style Inventory that has been adopted by the Irish ManagementInstitute and other leading organizations.

Discover what creative people have in common, and learn powerfulstrategies for tapping into your hidden creative potential. See how mostorganizations suppress creativity, and discover start-to-finishstrategies for attracting more creative people and unleashing thecreativity of the people you're already working with.

The heart of creativity

What creativity really is...and how it differs from general intelligence

What's your creative style?

Discovering your personal mix of intuition, innovation, imagination, andinspiration

Making the most of your personal creativity

Specific techniques for becoming a more successful problem solver

Unleashing creativity in business and education

Promoting creativity throughout any organization