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Real Boys' Voices

Real Boys' Voices
Author: William S. Pollack - Todd Shuster
ISBN 13: 9780141002941
ISBN 10: 141002948
Edition: 5th
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication Date: 2001-05-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
List Price: $17.00

What are boys today saying about drugs, sex, sports, violence, ambition, school, parents? The author of the bestseller REAL BOYS now lets us listen directly to boys speaking out about their lives and many hot topics, and he offers advice on how boys and adults can speak with one another more effectively.

From the Author:

In my travels throughout this country–from the inner-city neighborhoods of Boston, New York, and San Francisco to suburbs in Florida, Connecticut, and Rhode Island; from small, rural villages in New Hampshire, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania to the pain-filled classrooms of Littleton, Colorado–I have discovered a glaring truth: America's boys are absolutely desperate to talk about their lives.

Publishers Weekly

Drawing on interviews with young men across the country, Harvard clinical psychologist Pollack presents a candid, troubling and occasionally humorous snapshot of contemporary American boyhood in this follow-up and companion to his bestselling Real Boys. Contextualizing young men's comments on their loneliness, depression, fear, anger and frustration, as well as their hopes and joys, within his broader research, Pollack illustrates what he views as the straitjacket of the "Boy Code." This false machismo is perpetuated, he says, by our country's "oppressive boyhood culture," a plague of homophobia and what he calls the "major national crisis" of suicide (which has tripled since 1970 for adolescent boys ages 15-19). Thematic chapters cover such topics as friendship, sex, spirituality and renewal, parents, divorce, sports, violence and more. In one of the most deeply disturbing and moving chapters, Pollack talks to boys in Littleton, Colo., many of them survivors of the Columbine High School massacre. Yet his message is hopeful: the conditions are right, he believes, "to give America's boys complete emotional freedom, to offer them the deep human understanding they desire and so richly deserve." To this end, he outlines a 15-step program for mentoring boys and redefining boyhood, from creating safe, "shame-free" havens where they can open up to those who care about them, to bully-proofing neighborhoods and schools and encouraging creative expression and spiritual connections. Practical and forceful, this is an important contribution to the growing body of commentary on helping boys navigate the rocky road to manhood. Agent, Lane Zachary; 13-city tour. (July) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|