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The Canada Geese Quilt (Puffin Chapters)

The Canada Geese Quilt (Puffin Chapters)
Author: Natalie Kinsey-Warnock
ISBN 13: 9780141304625
ISBN 10: 141304626
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Puffin Books
Publication Date: 2000-10-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 64
List Price: $4.99

Spring brings many changes in Ariel's life.

Her mother's going to have a new baby, and Ariel feels left out. But Grandma always knows how to make her feel better. Together, they plan to make a beautiful quilt as a special gift for the baby. Then Grandma has a stroke, and Ariel is lost and afraid. Can she finish the baby's quilt by herself? And will Grandma ever get better?

"A small gem of a book, a beautifully written, engaging celebration of life, love, self-discovery, and the cycles of nature." School Library Journal, starred review

Publishers Weekly

In one gorgeous, slim volume, Kinsey-Warnock tells a story of a particular time, from spring to fall, in a 10-year-old's life. Ariel loves the Vermont farm where she lives with her parents and grandmother, and wonders about the changes that a new baby in the house will bring to their lives. Then her grandmother suffers a stroke, and Ariel is haunted by the feeling that nothing and no one is safe. But when Ariel's parents realize that the old woman has given up on her recovery, it is Ariel who re-engages her grandmother in the business of living, helping her sew a quilt that Ariel has designed for the new baby. Kinsey-Warnock's language is simple and direct as it conveys both the loving relationship between the old woman and the girl, and the girl's love of the land. Ariel revels in her surroundings, and her mood is infectious; the thrill of the geese migrating is movingly expressed. Bowman's realistic black-and-white illustrations depict highlights of the story, but never try to evoke the landscapes suggested by the text, or the beauty of the two geese quilts. Wisely, she leaves such moments to readers' imaginations, and so her work appears like sustaining chords beneath the melody of the text. Ages 9-up. (Sept.)