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Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir

Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir
Author: Paul Monette
ISBN 13: 9780156005814
ISBN 10: 156005816
Edition: 1
Publisher: Harvest Books
Publication Date: 1998-06-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
List Price: $19.95

The first personal documentary about AIDS to be published, Borrowed Time remains as vividly detailed as the best novel and as lucidly observed as the fiercest journalism. It is a cry from the heart against AIDS as it was in the early stages of the plague and against the intolerance that surrounded it. In equal parts, it is a supremely moving love story and a chronicle of the deep commitment and devotion that Paul Monette felt for Roger Horwitz from the night of their first meeting in Boston in the mid-1970s to Roger's diagnosis a decade later and through the last two years of his life, when fighting the disease together became a full-time occupation. This is not a book about death but a book about living while dying and the full range of emotions provoked by that transition -- sorrow, fear, anger, among them. It is a document essential to the history of the gay community; vital for anyone reading about AIDS; and one of the most powerful demonstrations of love and partnership to be found in print.

Washington Post Book World

Tragic...intense...a book of terrible beauty.