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Warrant The Current Debate

Warrant The Current Debate
Author: Alvin Plantinga
ISBN 13: 9780195078626
ISBN 10: 195078624
Edition: 1
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: 1993
Format: Print on Demand (Paperback)
Pages: 240
List Price: N/A

Known for distinguished work in the fields of metaphysics and philosophy of religion, Alvin Plantinga ventures further into epistemology in this book and its companion volume, Warrant and Proper Function. Plantinga examines the nature of epistemic warrant; whatever it is that when added to true belief yields knowledge. This present volume surveys current contributions to the debate and paves the way for his own positive proposal in Warrant and Proper Function. This first volume serves as a good introduction to the central issues in contemporary epistemology.