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Neuroepidemiology: From Principles to Practice

Neuroepidemiology: From Principles to Practice
Author: Lorene M. Nelson - Caroline M. Tanner - Stephen K.
ISBN 13: 9780195133790
ISBN 10: 19513379
Edition: 1
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2003-11-27
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 480
List Price: $100.00

Neuroepidemiology is the epidemiologic study of neurological conditions. This fine text provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of research methods for conducting epidemiologic and clinical research on these conditions. It is aimed at neurologists, epidemiologists and public health professionals, as well as students of these disciplines. The book has three parts, each emphasizing the unique aspects of studying neurologic disorders. The first focuses on classic principles of epidemiologic and clinical research, including study design, sources of study bias, and methods for assessing the role of environmental and genetic factors in neurologic disorders. The second part covers each of the major neurologic disorders, with an emphasis of the methodologic aspects of studying these disorders and discussion of future research directions. The third part is devoted to clinical and translational research methods, including the design and conduct of clinical trials and prognostic studies, as well as the principles of health services research and evidence-based medicine. This textbook will give neurologists, epidemiologists, and their students the foundation for conducting rigorous epidemiologic and clinical research on neurologic disorders.

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Reviewer:Daniel B. Hier, MD(University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine)
Description:This is a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the growing field of neuroepidemiology that covers both the theoretical basis for neuroepidemiology and some of its important clinical applications.
Purpose:The editors have assembled 19 well-written reviews that cover the major clinical and research thrusts within the field of neuroepidemiology.
Audience:This book will be of great interest to both neurologists and epidemiologists. The writing is accessible so that general neurologists as well as neurologists with an interest in epidemiology will find this book of value.
Features:Four superb chapters on the principles of epidemiological research open the book. These chapters are well worth reading and cover study design, measurement, analysis, and bias in epidemiological research. Eleven subsequent chapters consist of disease-specific reviews that cover the neuroepidemiology of stroke, dementia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, migraine, and other neurological disorders. The book concludes with four more excellent chapters that cover evidence-based medicine in neurology, clinical trials, prognosis in neurological disease, and health services research.
Assessment:This is a highly recommended book that covers both the principles and practice of neuroepidemiology. The book itself is handsome to hold as well as easy to read. It covers important aspects of neuroepidemiology in a clear, reasonable, and accessible way.