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Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Child

Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Child
Author: Ida Sue Baron
ISBN 13: 9780195147575
ISBN 10: 19514757
Edition: 1
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2003-10-02
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 454
List Price: $95.00

This essential desk reference will meet the demand for a broad and convenient collection of normative data in child neuropsychology. In a clearly written, well-organized manner, it compiles published and previously unpublished normative data for the neuropsychological tests that are most commonly used with children. Far from being a raw collection, however, it integrates concepts and models central to the neuropsychological assessment of children into the discussions of data. All these discussions have a practical, clinical focus. As background, the author considers the current status of child neuropsychology practice, test models, behavioral assessment techniques, observational data, procedures to optimize child evaluation, communication of results through the interpretive session and report writing, and preliminary assessment methods. Then she reviews the tests and data under the broad domains of intelligence, executive function, attention, language, motor and sensory-perceptual function, visuoperceptual, visuospatial and visuoconstructional function, and learning and memory. Written by a seasoned practitioner, this book will be an extraordinary resource for child and developmental neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, child neurologists, and their students and trainees.

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Reviewer:Gary B Kaniuk, Psy.D.(Cermak Health Services)
Description:This book is a compilation of normative data in child neuropsychology. The tests included span many different cognitive domains.
Purpose:According to the author, "my main focus, however, was directed to highlighting available individual data sets and with specifying their demographic information when available. Along with the major purpose of compiling available child normative data in one reference book, additional goals evolved in the course of its writing. These included drawing attention to the often-deficient state of child normative data and the imperative need for well-executed normative studies across populations, ages, cultural groups, and gender." The book definitely meets these worthy author's objectives.
Audience:According to the author, "I hope the reader finds this book as useful in his or her clinical practice as I have in my own during its development." The author also says: "...Toward this end, I began to collate published data for individual tests for my own use, and this book took shape." So from the author's perspective, the book is targeting practitioners as the audience. I agree with the author regarding the target audience. The author is board certified in clinical neuropsychology and serves as president of the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABCN). She is also a fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA).
Features:This book provides normative data for various assessment tools in child neuropsychology. The author covers many different domains such as intelligence, executive function, attention, language, motor and sensory perception, visuoperceptual/visuospatial, and learning and memory. The first two chapters are very well written and deal specifically with clinical issues involved in giving tests and communicating results. The other chapters describe the actual tests and give very useful normative data and practical information.
Assessment:I really liked this book because it covers so many areas of child neuropsychology. It is comprehensive and practical and contains the information needed to make important decisions of what tests to give and to whom. It is a crucial book for the practicing neuropsychologist.