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The Work We Have to Do: A History of Protestants in America (Religion in American Life)

The Work We Have to Do: A History of Protestants in America (Religion in American Life)
Author: Mark A. Noll
ISBN 13: 9780195154979
ISBN 10: 195154975
Edition: 1
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2002-08-08
Format: Paperback
Pages: 184
List Price: $14.99

A readable, far-reaching history of a multi-denominational, multi-regional, and multi-ethnic religious group, Protestants in America explores the physical and ideological roots of the denomination up to the present day, and traces the origins of American Protestants all the way back to the first English colony at Jamestown. The book covers their involvement in critical issues from temperance to the civil rights movement, the establishment of Protestant organizations like the American Bible Society and the Salvation Army, and the significant expansion of their ethnic base since the first African-American Protestant churches were built in the 1770s. Mark Noll follows their direct impact on American history—from the American Revolution to World War I and beyond—and peppers his account with profiles of leading Protestants, from Jonathan Edwards and Phillis Wheatley to Billy Graham and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Publishers Weekly

Oxford's Religion in American Life series brought together top-flight scholars in various disciplines to write short, visually interesting, and well-researched books for the YA market. But why hide one's light under a bushel? Recently, Oxford has been repackaging these same books as grown-up paperbacks, moving the illustrations to an eight-page tip-in and bringing the price below $10. Wheaton College historian Mark Noll offers the latest installment in this Religion in America series, entitled The Work We Have to Do: A History of Protestants in America. This huge topic is covered deftly by Noll, who begins with introductory chapters on who Protestants are and where they come from and then traces their fragmented history through four centuries and dozens of denominations. To aid on this score, Noll includes a very helpful appendix that groups the various Protestant denominations into historical families. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.