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Psychologists' Desk Reference

Psychologists' Desk Reference
Author: N/A
ISBN 13: 9780195166064
ISBN 10: 19516606
Edition: 2
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2004-11-18
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 768
List Price: $79.95

Here is the revised and expanded edition of the indispensable companion for every mental health practitioner. Improved over the first edition by input and feedback from clinicians and program directors, the Psychologists' Desk Reference, Second Edition presents an even larger variety of information required in daily practice in one easy-to-use resource. Covering the entire spectrum of practice issues—from diagnostic codes, practice guidelines, treatment principles, and report checklists, to insight and advice from today's most respected clinicians—this peerless reference gives fingertip access to the entire range of current knowledge. Intended for use by all mental health professionals, the Desk Reference covers assessment and diagnosis, testing and psychometrics, treatment and psychotherapy, ethical and legal issues, practice management and insurance, and professional resources. Chapters have been clearly written by master clinicians and include easy-to-read checklists and tables as well as helpful advice. Filled with information psychologists use everyday, the Psychologists' Desk Reference, Second Edition will be the most important and widely used volume in the library of psychologists, social workers, and counselors everywhere.

This new edition features:
-Thoroughly revised chapters by the field's leaders.
-29 entirely new chapters, now totaling 140.
-Sections reorganized to be smaller and more specific, making topics easier to find.
-A listing of valuable Internet sites in each chapter.
-Increased emphasis on evidence-based practices.
A companion website containing graphics, illustrations, tables, primary resources, extensive bibliographies, links to related sites, and much more.

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Reviewer:Gary B Kaniuk, Psy.D.(Cermak Health Services)
Description:This book covers 140 different topics that practicing psychologists may encounter in the course of their work. Each author provides concise information regarding the topic and gives helpful references, readings, and Web sites. The first edition was published in 1998.
Purpose:According to the editors, the reference "is intended as an authoritative and indispensable companion of mental health practitioners of all theoretical orientations and professional disciplines. This volume compiles, organizes, and presents key guides and essential information that clinicians, from practicum students to seasoned practitioners, want on their desks. It contains diagnostic codes, test information, report checklists, practice guidelines, treatment principles, ethics refreshers, legal regulations, special-population materials, professional resources, practice management tips, and related data that all clinicians need at their fingertips." (p. vii). These are worthy objectives that the book meets.
Audience:According to the editors, "when asked who should purchase it, we reply: "Every clinician." However, they also state that graduate psychology students would be well served by this book as well. The authors and contributors are credible authorities. The list is a virtual who's who in the field of clinical psychology and includes Arnold Lazarus, James Butcher, John Graham, Roger Greene, Theodore Millon, and Irving Weiner, just to name a few.
Features:The book contains articles on various aspects of clinical psychology --140 articles to be exact. Each chapter is fairly succinct but gives enough information to sufficiently whet the appetite, with references, readings, and Web sites to search for more. The value of this book lies in its coverage of so many areas with contributions by authors, many well known, who have much experience in the clinical realm. Of course, when you try to cover so many different topics, you can only cover them briefly, which is a minor drawback. However, for blossoming students, this book has everything they need to begin with under one cover. There are wonderful tables, chock full of information. This book is easy to read and is a resource you will turn to, time and time again.
Assessment:I really enjoyed this book. It covers so much and is very readable. Of course, one important question is that of price, especially if you are a student. With the Internet, one can get the same information on many of the same topics the book covers. The difference is that the book has contributors who are the movers and shakers in clinical psychology. It is also nice to have everything contained in one book. The second edition justifies replacing the first because of all the new research, as well as the continuing experience of the authors.