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The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics

The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics
Author: N/A
ISBN 13: 9780195168655
ISBN 10: 195168658
Edition: 1
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2008-04-18
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 848
List Price: $170.00

The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics is the first comprehensive and systematic reference on clinical research ethics. Under the editorship of experts from the U.S. National Institutes of Health of the United States, the book's 73 chapters offer a wide-ranging and systematic examination of all aspects of research with human beings.

Considering the historical triumphs of research as well as its tragedies, the textbook provides a framework for analyzing the ethical aspects of research studies with human beings. Through both conceptual analysis and systematic reviews of empirical data, the contributors examine issues ranging from scientific validity, fair subject selection, risk benefit ratio, independent review, and informed consent to focused consideration of international research ethics, conflicts of interests, and other aspects of responsible conduct of research.

The editors of The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics offer a work that critically assesses and advances scholarship in the field of human subjects research. Comprehensive in scope and depth, this book will be a crucial resource for researchers in the medical sciences, as well as teachers and students.

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Reviewer:Daniel Bustillos, JD, PhD(Saint Louis University)
Description:A comprehensive book outlining the major areas of controversy in the ethics of clinical research, this is a compendium of research ethics analysis and cases for the classroom, clinic, and ethics committee room.
Purpose:It is intended as a textbook for students of clinical research ethics as well as a reference for researchers and institutional review board (IRB) members. By systematically dissecting hard cases and focusing on empirical evidence, it offers an analytic framework for resolving ethical issues in clinical research ethics.
Audience:This book is of special interest to students of clinical research ethics, teachers, researchers, and IRB members. Those with an interest in international research ethics will be pleased with the attention given that subject. The broad and deep scope of the book makes it a useful reference.
Features:Throughout 73 chapters that deal with nearly every conceivable issue in clinical research ethics, the authors take pains to adhere to a systematic and analytical framework with which to educate readers and equip them to resolve the practical issues likely to arise in clinical research.
Assessment:This is an excellent and comprehensive compendium of scholarship, novel research, practical advice, and dependable reference. The chapters dedicated to international research ethics and disparities in research are prescient of the foci that the field will have to embrace in the near future. The book's inclusive and broad focus makes it a worthwhile investment as the it will remain useful for some time to come.