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A Dictionary of Genetics

A Dictionary of Genetics
Author: Robert C. King - William D. Stansfield - Pamela K.
ISBN 13: 9780195307610
ISBN 10: 195307615
Edition: 7
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2006-07-27
Format: Paperback
Pages: 608
List Price: $34.95

Genetics, the most rapidly advancing of the life sciences, has stimulated more diverse disciplines in the natural and social sciences than any other field. Contributions from scientists of varied backgrounds—anthropologists, chemists, computer specialists, engineers, mathematicians, paleontologists, physicians, and physicists—to its development is one major reason for its prodigious growth. Such growth is accompanied by a proliferation in terminology, which creates a problem both to beginning students and scientists from other disciplines who read papers by geneticists. Various terms, especially in molecular and cell biology, are newly coined and thus not found in any collegiate or biology dictionaries; in some cases, species names are even unfamiliar to students with little or no background in taxonomy.
This fifth edition of the much-needed Dictionary of Genetics contains over 6,500 definitions of terms and species names relevant to the study of genetics. The entries include both strictly genetic and non-genetic terms often encountered in the literature. Also featured is a classification where all the species cited in the text are cross-referenced. There is a chronology covering the period from 1590 to 1996, and its 790 entries are cross-referenced in the appropriate definitions. The chronology is followed by an extensive bibliography and an index of the scientists cited. The final appendix lists Genetic Databases. Thus the book is helpful not only to beginning geneticists, but anyone involved in life sciences. Physicians for example will find at least 50 citations to human hereditary diseases, along with entries on the breast cancer susceptibility genes, cystic fibrosis, familial hypercholesterolemia, fragile X-associated mental retardation, and many other topics. The 250 illustrations and tables add to the unique value of this reference.

Leo Miller

This is the fifth edition of a popular dictionary of genetic terms, first published in 1968. The fourth edition was published in 1990. "The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive source that defines genetic terms as well as nongenetic terms often encountered in the genetics literature. Because genetics is one of the most rapidly expanding fields of the life sciences, this new edition is absolutely necessary. "This book is written for students and researchers in the numerous fields that have genetic components. In addition to all the life sciences, these fields include anthropology, chemistry, paleontology, and physics. "This book has 250 definitions that are illustrated by tables or drawings. The five appendixes are extremely helpful and include an extensive bibliography. "The purchase of this edition of the Dictionary of Genetics is highly recommended for all libraries. In addition to the 6000 definitions, the appendixes include a classification of organisms mentioned in the book, a chronological listing of important genetic discoveries and inventions, an index of the scientists who have made important discoveries, and lists of genetic research periodicals and multi-journal publishers. Most importantly, it has a description of numerous genetic databases. This book is a highly worthwhile contribution to the fields of genetics and molecular biology.