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Clinician's Guide to Evidence Based Practices: Mental Health and the Addictions

Clinician's Guide to Evidence Based Practices: Mental Health and the Addictions
Author: John C. Norcross - Thomas P. Hogan - Gerald P. Koo
ISBN 13: 9780195335323
ISBN 10: 195335325
Edition: Min Pap/CD
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2008-04-23
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
List Price: $53.00

All mental health and addiction practitioners want to provide their patients with the most effective treatments. But with this comes the challenge of wading through the overwhelming amount of scientific research and integrating it with clinical expertise and patient values.

Here, a trio of distinguished scientist-practitioners provide a concise, user-friendly guide to assist practitioners in implementing evidence-based practices (EBP).

Learn the core skills for conducting evidence-based practice through AAA TIE:

· Ask a specific, clinical question

· Access the best available research

· Appraise critically that research evidence

· Translate that research into practice with a particular patient

· Integrate the clinician's expertise and patient's characteristics, culture, and preferences with the research

· Evaluate the effectiveness of the entire process

No book covers EBPs in mental health as concisely and accessibly as the Clinician's Guide. An accompanying CD features expanded content, interactive examples, and hyperlinked references. The Clinician's Guide does not merely explain EBPs; it gives skills to apply them to better serve patients and improve outcomes. Containing numerous practical examples and following three case vignettes throughout, the Clinician's Guide teaches you how to actualize EBPs in your own practice.

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Reviewer:Christopher J. Graver, PhD(Madigan Army Medical Center)
Description:Keeping up with the multitude of advances in psychotherapy can be difficult with busy clinic schedules. With over 6,000 articles published on the topic, much of it available electronically, it can seem overwhelming. This book helps to overcome these obstacles.
Purpose:The main purpose is to provide clinicians with the ability to access and critically analyze the research literature regarding evidence-based practices. A secondary purpose is help readers who have difficulty accessing electronic databases become more familiar and comfortable with this medium.
Audience:The book is intended for psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health paraprofessionals, as well as students in these disciplines. The authors are well established in clinical psychology with relevant research and service, including serving as the APA president (Koocher).
Features:The first few chapters focus on the skills of reading and critically evaluating empirically based treatments. It discusses relevant questions to ask, the strengths and limitations of research, and general information, such as hypothesis testing, experimental design, and statistics. Readers also will find guidance in the available electronic databases and methods for accessing them. The accompanying CD can be quite helpful for a hands-on demonstration for readers less comfortable with this medium. One chapter attempts to discuss common problems with research and how to spot them, but it is very short and only covers a few simple concepts. Later chapters provide information regarding the translation of research into clinical practice. A helpful chapter discusses the clinical evaluation of treatments, but the ethics section covers general topics and is truncated. The index is reasonable and the references are current up to 2007.
Assessment:The ability to critically review the research is essential for optimizing patient care. This book provides a good introduction to this process and maintains a level of sophistication that is both helpful and reasonable for students, paraprofessionals, and other non-research-based disciplines. Individuals with a strong research background (e.g., PhDs) will not miss anything by leaving this book on the shelf.