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The Human Use of Animals: Case Studies in Ethical Choice

The Human Use of Animals: Case Studies in Ethical Choice
Author: Tom L. Beauchamp - F. Barbara Orlans - Rebecca Dre
ISBN 13: 9780195340198
ISBN 10: 195340191
Edition: 2
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2008-03-21
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
List Price: $44.95

The Human Use of Animals. Second Edition, reports the facts on some of the most compelling and difficult issues about animal welfare that confront society today. Its 16 case studies explore a variety of controversies about the human uses of animals that have emerged over the past four decades. The book begins with a lengthy exploration of applicable ethical theory. It then presents the facts of the 16 cases, followed by analysis of each case's theoretical and practical ethical issues. This volume offers a discussion of controversies within a range of contexts, including biomedical, behavioral, and wildlife research: cosmetic safety testing: education: entertainment (zoos and circuses); the food industry: commerce: companion animals: and animal uses in religious practices.

About the Author:
Tom L. Beauchamp, PhD professor, Department of Philosophy Senior Research Scholar, Kennedy Institute of Ethics Georgetown University

About the Author:
F. Barbara Orlans, PhD Senior Research Fellow, Kennedy Institute of Ethics Georgetown University

About the Author:
Rebecca Dresser, JD Daniel Noyes Kirby Professor of Law Professor of Ethics in Medicine Washington University

About the Author:
David B. Morton, PhD, MRCVS Professor Emeritus, Department of Biomedical Science and Ethics The Medical School, University of Birmingham, England

About the Author:
John P. Gluck, PhD Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology University of New Mexico

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Reviewer:Anji Wall, PhD(Saint Louis University)
Description:This comprehensive survey of ethical issues involving human-animal interactions presents and discusses 16 cases on a variety of topics including farming, entertainment, companionship, religious rituals, research, and education.
Purpose:The purpose of this book, according to the authors, is to "contribute to the more civil and polite discourse over the human use of animals." While much of the current debate over animal welfare is bitter and emotional, this book provides a more objective perspective on the issues. The authors achieve their objective of presenting the facts and discussing the ethical issues in each case without imposing a particular viewpoint on the reader.
Audience:This is a great resource for students and scholars in the area of healthcare ethics, as well as for individuals who are merely interested in ethical issues involving human-animal interactions. The writing is clear, organized, and understandable, even for those who are unfamiliar with the field of bioethics.
Features:Following the introduction, which discusses moral issues about animals, all of the chapters have a consistent, organized layout, which begins with a factual vignette about a current or historical situation followed by a discussion of the ethical issues related both to the vignette and to more general situations that are similar to the vignette. When appropriate, the discussions include statistics as well as national and international law. Further, many sections end in questions rather than statements, reinforcing the authors' purpose of contributing to discourse rather than providing answers. While the first edition was heavily focused on research issues, this edition has expanded the variety of issues to include endangered species and the use of animals in entertainment.
Assessment:This book presents cases on various human-animal interactions in a manner that fosters analysis and reflection by the reader. It is an essential read for anyone interested in either practical or theoretical analysis of cases involving animal welfare.