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Ethics in Nursing: Cases, Principles, and Reasoning

Ethics in Nursing: Cases, Principles, and Reasoning
Author: Martin Benjamin - Joy Curtis
ISBN 13: 9780195380224
ISBN 10: 195380223
Edition: 4
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2010-02-08
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
List Price: $41.95

Starting with detailed cases based on real life, the fourth edition of Ethics in Nursing introduces the principles, concepts, and reasoning needed to think them through. Changes in this edition reflect important developments in nursing, ethical theory, and nursing ethics. Among the expanded set of 64 cases, 22 have been significantly revised and 15 are entirely new. Reasoning skills and philosophical understanding are explained and illustrated in cases involving: nurses and clients; inter-professional relationships; personal responsibility for institutional and public policy; and cost containment, justice, and rationing. New material on ethical theory includes an illustrated explanation and defense of moral pluralism, a section on the ethics of care, and an expanded discussion of reflective equilibrium as a method of ethical reasoning. New topics include pandemics and care for SARS patients, elderly patients contemplating suicide, and workplace violence. As with previous editions, both the nursing and philosophical content are self-contained, making the book accessible to readers with little or no background in either. Ethics in Nursing provides practicing and student nurses with a useful introduction to the identification and analysis of ethical issues that reflects both the special perspective of nursing and the value of systematic philosophical inquiry.

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Reviewer:Elena M Yates, BS(Saint Louis University)
Description:This book covers a wide range of ethics topics in nursing by weaving real cases of ethical dilemmas into the analysis, thus expounding on ethical principles and illustrating a method of practical reasoning. Instead of having a section of case examples, or putting cases at the end of chapters, multiple cases are presented throughout each chapter, with 21 more as a supplement for individual analysis. This is a significant update of the previous edition, published in 1992.
Purpose:The primary purpose is to provide both practicing nurses and students with a practical introduction to analyzing ethical issues that engages both the special perspective that nurses have and emphasizes the value and practice of systematic ethical inquiry. Such a book must be applicable to current ethical dilemmas in medical practice, and this update makes the book more accessible and pertinent.
Audience:The intended audience is nurses and nursing students, although the book is written to be accessible to anyone with an interest in nursing ethics. The authors are well-rounded authorities on the topics covered in the book. Martin Benjamin, PhD, a professor emeritus of philosophy at Michigan State University, teaches philosophy, political philosophy, and ethics, including nursing ethics. Joy Curtis, RN, is a professor emerita at Michigan State University and has worked extensively in nursing ethics throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Features:While covering a wide range of ethical issues in healthcare and nursing, the book ties all topics to real-life cases. The book investigates ethical issues relating to the whole array of nurses' professional relationships. Three appendixes cover international nursing codes of ethics, what a patient can expect from nursing care, and cases for analysis.
Assessment:This is a comprehensive and practical ethics guide for nurses based on a clearly explained philosophical foundation. The revisions, additions, increased emphasis on moral pluralism, and 15 entirely new cases fully justify this fourth edition.