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The Sociology of Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Reader

The Sociology of Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Reader
Author: Jane D. McLeod - Eric R. Wright
ISBN 13: 9780195381719
ISBN 10: 195381718
Edition: 1
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2009-04-08
Format: Paperback
Pages: 880
List Price: $94.95

The Sociology of Mental Illness is a comprehensive collection of readings designed to help students develop a nuanced and sophisticated appreciation of the most important, heated—and fascinating—controversies in the field.

Drawing primarily from sociological sources, the text features both classical and contemporary selections that cover the full range of sociological topics, perspectives, and debates, including the social construction of mental illness, the social origins of mental illness, and contemporary mental health treatment. This rich, varied assortment gives students a "roadmap" to the evolution and development of sociological research over time and insight into key controversies in the field.

Selections include such classical readings as Scheff's original statement of labeling theory, contemporary reports on the prevalence of mental illness in countries around the world, and recent analyses of the changing treatment system. The readings are organized progressively in order to help students recognize the dynamic character of mental health research and the important role that controversies play in advancements in the field; this organization also gives students the tools they need to formulate their own views and opinions on crucial matters.

A versatile, engaging text, The Sociology of Mental Illness is ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses in the sociology of mental illness.