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Biomeasurement: A student's guide to biological statistics

Biomeasurement: A student's guide to biological statistics
Author: Dawn Hawkins
ISBN 13: 9780199219995
ISBN 10: 199219990
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2009-05-15
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
List Price: $55.00

Statistical analysis allows us to attach meaning to data which we have collected; it helps us to understand what results really mean, and to assess whether we can trust what experiments seem to be telling us. Yet, despite being a collection of the most valuable and important tools available to bioscientists, statistics is the aspect of study which most students fear more than any other.

Biomeasurement offers a refreshing, student-focused introduction to the use of statistics in the study of the biosciences. With an emphasis on why statistical techniques are essential tools for bioscientists, the book removes the stigma attached to statistics by giving students the confidence to use and further explore the key techiques for themselves.

The book starts by placing the role of data analysis in the context of wider scientific method, and introduces the student to the key terms and concepts which are common to all statistical tools. It then guides the student through descriptive statistics, and on to inferential statistics, explaining how and why each type of technique is used, and what each can tell us in order to better understand our data. The book goes on to present the key statistical tests, walking the student step-wise through the use of each, with carefully integrated examples, and plentiful opportunities for hands-on practice. The book closes with an overview of choosing the right test to suit your data, and tools for presenting data and their statistical analysis.