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Information Warfare and Security

Information Warfare and Security
Author: Dorothy E. Denning
ISBN 13: 9780201433036
ISBN 10: 201433036
Edition: 1
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Publication Date: 1998-12-20
Format: Paperback
Pages: 544
List Price: $59.99

This book is an introduction to information warfare. It is about operations that target or exploit information media in order to win some objective over an adversary. It covers a wide range of activity, including computer break-ins and sabotage, espionage and intelligence operations, telecommunications eavesdropping and fraud, perception management, and electronic warfare. The book is about teenagers who use the Internet as a giant playground for hacking, competitors who steal trade secrets, law enforcement agencies who use information warfare to fight crime and terrorism, and military officers who bring information warfare to the battleground. It is about information-based threats to nations, to business, and to individuals-and countermeasures to these threats. It spans several areas, including crime, terrorism, national security, individual rights, and information security.

The book is not a "how to," with regard to either launching an attack or defending against one. Nevertheless, because the book provides a reasonably comprehensive treatment of the methods and technologies of information warfare, it may be useful for making informed judgments about potential threats and defenses.

The book is intended for a broad audience, from the student and layperson interested in learning more about the domain and what can be done to protect information assets, to the policy maker who wishes to understand the nature of the threat and the technologies and issues, to the information security specialist who desires extensive knowledge about all types of attacks and countermeasures in order to protect organizational assets. It was also written for an international audience.Although the focus is on activity within the United States, activity outside the United States is included.

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