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Java¿ Essentials for C and C++ Programmers

Java¿ Essentials for C and C++ Programmers
Author: Barry Boone
ISBN 13: 9780201479461
ISBN 10: 20147946
Edition: 1
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Publication Date: 1996-04-26
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
List Price: $19.95

As an experienced programmer, you're used to having to keep on the leading edgeof software development just to survive in a competitive marketplace. That'swhy you want to learn Java, the next hot language and platform-independentdevelopment environment. And you need to learn it fast.

Java Essentials for C and C++ Programmers propels you into thestratosphere of bleeding edge programmers who are already coding in Java.You'll master Java in the most efficient way possible, by building on theprogramming knowledge you already have in C and C++. You'll learn the ways inwhich Java is strikingly similar to these two languages, such as implementingbehavior for operators and control flow and in the ways it differs completely,such as garbage collection, threads, and exceptions. Most importantly you'llsee how to use this knowledge quickly and effectively to design your own Javaapplications, including Java applets for the Web.

You'll discover the power and the perils of coding in Java, including:

  • using Java's class libraries and methods

  • managing memory—or not

  • using objects instead of unions and pointers

  • getting by without Goto statements

  • accessing C programs as external libraries

  • working with Java APIs

  • playing with multithreading.

An overview of object-oriented programming brings C programmers up to speed inhow Java implements object-oriented features and shows C++ programmers how Javacleans up much of the complexity present in C++'s object concepts.

Filled with code snippets to teach techniques, the streamlined approach ofJava Essentials for C and C++ Programmers speeds you through theprocess of learning thiscutting-edge programming language.