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The Idiom Adventure: Fluency in Speaking and Listening

The Idiom Adventure: Fluency in Speaking and Listening
Author: Dana Watkins
ISBN 13: 9780201619928
ISBN 10: 20161992
Edition: 1
Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Publication Date: 2001-01-11
Format: Paperback
Pages: 197
List Price: $45.33

From once in a blue moon to go with the flow, idioms bring English to life. The Idiom Adventure: Fluency in Speaking and Listening, by Dana Watkins, uses the language of authentic advertisements to engage students while helping them master the often confusing task of decoding American idioms.

High-interest thematic units feature authentic newspaper and magazine ads and contain a broad mix of controlled listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities to help increase fluency while providing a glimpse into American culture, humor, and values.

Each unit provides an effective mix of exercises to address varied learning styles:

  • Warming Up includes games, problem-solving activities, and questions for pair or group discussion.
  • Getting to Know the Idioms includes three interrelated activities emphasizing listening, reading, and definitions.
  • Practicing the Idioms provides a variety of listening, reading, and practice exercises to help students begin using idioms appropriately in different contexts.
  • Finding the Idioms in Ads presents authentic, often humorous ads.
  • Using the Idioms uses games, story-telling, role-playing, and other creative activities to provide opportunities for spoken and written practice.
The book is accompanied by an Audio Program for classroom or individual use. Audioscripts and complete glossaries appear at the back of each book.