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What a Life!: Stories of Amazing People (Intermediate Level)

What a Life!:  Stories of Amazing People  (Intermediate Level)
Author: Milada Broukal
ISBN 13: 9780201619980
ISBN 10: 201619989
Edition: 1
Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Publication Date: 2000-12-14
Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
List Price: $37.07

Did you know that:
Jean Paul Getty put pay phones in his guests bedrooms to save money on phone bills?
Leonardo da Vinci wrote backwards in his notebooks so that nobody could read them?
Peles first soccer ball was a grapefruit?
Pablo Picasso never threw anything away, not even empty cereal boxes?
Agatha Christie wrote a book that actually saved someones life?

These and other fascinating facts make up the biographies in What A Life!
This three-book series takes a fresh approach to making reading both pleasurable and motivating! High-interest biographies focus on less-known facts about famous figures, rather than the chronology of events typical of most biographies.
Each book in the What A Life! Series takes a multicultural approach, featuring 24 short biographies on inspirational figures from all over the world.
Subjects range from historical and political figures to athletes, artists, entertainers, and humanitarians, including:
Marie Curie I.M. Pei Eva Pern Agatha Christie Muhammad Ali Bruce Lee Leonardo da Vinci William Shakespeare Cesar Chavez Pablo Picasso Maria Montessori Mother Teresa
In addition to the biographical reading, each short, easy-tofollow unit includes:

  • Pre-reading questions and activities.
  • Vocabulary exercises definition and usage.
  • Main-idea and reading-skills exercises.
  • Questions on detail and inference.
  • Discussion, comprehension, andwriting activities.
  • Answers to exercises at the end of each book.