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Teaching Learners of English in Mainstream Classrooms (K-8): One Class, Many Paths

Teaching Learners of English in Mainstream Classrooms (K-8): One Class, Many Paths
Author: Linda New Levine - Mary Lou McCloskey
ISBN 13: 9780205410590
ISBN 10: 205410596
Edition: 1
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2008-08-09
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
List Price: $81.00

A unique resource for today’s ELL and Literacy courses, Teaching Learners of English in Mainstream Classrooms is designed to help K-8 classroom teachers integrate language learning into the content curriculum.


Long-awaited, this book helps teachers include and integrate English language learners into their K-8 content classrooms. Teachers learn to promote content achievement for all of their students by using the helpful strategies provided.  Specifically written for content teachers in a friendly and clear writing style, Linda Levine and Mary Lou McCloskey emphasize practical application of known second language learning principles.  This resource stands out from other texts on the market by offering specific strategies to teachers to accelerate the academic achievement of all their students, using techniques for developing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in the content areas.  


Key Features:

• Each chapter begins with a teaching vignette from the classroom. Teachers will “see” examples showing how these principles and strategies for teaching English learners are integrated into daily content classroom instruction. 
• Recommendations are provided to aid the development of reading and writing skills in older pre-literate learners as well as under-educated learners
Two integrated, multi-disciplinary content-based thematic units richly illustrate the teaching practices introduced in the book.
The recently published TESOL/WIDA standardsare referenced and applied.
• Available with MyEducationLab, a rich online resource that offers prospective teachers the opportunity to assess their knowledge, view live classroom footage, evaluate classroom artifacts, and much more!

Reviewers Are Raving!


"I loved page 33 Carousel brainstorming. A great way to incorporate listening, speaking, reading, and writing without lower level students feeling threatened."

-Mary A. Phillips, Title III Program Specialist in ESOL in Georgia


"The authors’ explanations show their broad knowledge in all aspects of teaching English learners and their comments and insights are like hidden gems..."

-Clara Lee Brown, University of Tennessee-Knoxville