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Basics of Biopsychology

Basics of Biopsychology
Author: John P. J. Pinel
ISBN 13: 9780205461080
ISBN 10: 205461085
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Pearson College Div
Publication Date: 2006
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 624
List Price: N/A

Basics of Biopsychology clearly presents the fundamentals of the study of the biology of behavior and makes the topics personally and socially relevant to the student.


By emphasizing four interwoven themes (“Thinking Clearly,” “Clinical Implications,” “The Evolutionary Perspective,” and “Cognitive Neuroscience”) throughout the book, the major recent developments in the rapidly changing field of biopsychology come alive clearly and completely for students.


How Biopsychologists Think about Behavior, Anatomy of the Brain, Neural Activity and How to Study It, The Visual System, Mechanisms of Perception, The Sensorimotor System,

Development of the Nervous System, Brain Damage and Neuroplasticity, Learning, Memory, and Amnesia, Hunger, Eating, and Health, Hormones and Sex, Sleep, Dreaming, and Circadian Rhythms, Health Psychology, Lateralization, Language, and the Split Brain, and Behavioral Neuroscience of Psychiatric Disorders