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Introduction to Audiology (with CD-ROM) (10th Edition)

Introduction to Audiology (with CD-ROM) (10th Edition)
Author: Frederick N. Martin - John Greer Clark
ISBN 13: 9780205593118
ISBN 10: 205593119
Edition: 10
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Publication Date: 2008-02-09
Format: Paperback
Pages: 528
List Price: $135.40

The leading text for the introduction to hearing and hearing disorders course required of all Speech Language Pathology and Audiology majors.

Introduction to Audiology, Tenth Edition, provides in-depth coverage of the physics of sound, anatomy, and physiology of the auditory system; causes and treatment of hearing and balance disorders; and relevant diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. It emphasizes the proper evaluation of hearing disorders and the treatment avenues available for these disorders. The accompanying CD-ROM features a variety of video vignettes depicting clinical topics, a series of clinical case studies to examine students' abilities to synthesize diagnostic findings and develop cogent management recommendations, multiple format interactive exercises for students to evaluate their comprehension of information, printable clinical forms, and much more.


  • NEW "Evolving Case Studies" feature follows select disorders through diagnosis and recommended treatment paralleling students' mastery of key concepts. This new addition to the pedagogy will enhance students' understanding of comprehensive patient management from case history through discharge.

  • NEW updated discussions in the important areas of amplification and infant hearing.

  • NEW expansion and clarification of clinical masking procedures.

  • NEW discussion of recent developments in the management of auditory processing disorders.

  • NEW section on the role of the audiologist in vestibular management, as well as more on audiologic counseling.

Doody Review Services

Reviewer:Ryan McCreery, M.S.(Boys Town National Research Hospital)
Description:Unlike many similar audiology textbooks, which first emphasize anatomy and physiology as a basis for understanding auditory assessment, the authors of this introductory text provide basic information about auditory tests first, followed by anatomy and physiology and advanced assessment techniques. The advantage of this approach is that the anatomy and physiology can be taught from the framework of the tests used to assess those systems. The CD-ROM accompanying the book has a wide range of resources including videos of clinical procedures, case studies, and interactive assessment and supplements.
Purpose:This complete introduction to the field of audiology reflects developments that have occurred since the 2006 edition. Audiology is a rapidly changing profession, and the authors have written a comprehensive volume which covers most of the substantive topics in the field. However, although the authors recognize the rapid advances in the field and have made significant improvements over the previous edition, the discussion of new research published since then is surprisingly limited.
Audience:This is ideally suited for an introductory course in audiology for either undergraduate or graduate students with a limited background in hearing science. In addition, the use of case studies and the structure of the chapters make this an excellent resource for clinicians who want to refresh their knowledge or have on hand a concise clinical reference. Both authors are experienced authorities in the field, which is reflected in the comprehensive presentation of the information.
Features:The organization of the book is unique, and the authors use the chapter structure to its full potential. Typical audiology textbooks present basic hearing science and anatomy in the first few chapters, when students may not have the context to fully appreciate why such information is clinically relevant. The authors present basic assessment information first, which allows the use of clinical case studies to support the anatomy and physiology of hearing presented in the middle chapters of the book. The final section is a brief but thorough overview of amplification and intervention strategies. The CD-ROM is referenced in the book to provide interactive examples and support for case studies.
Assessment:This is an excellent introductory audiology textbook with a unique method of presenting the essential concepts and topics in the field. While the research has not been updated substantially from the previous edition, excellent case studies and supplemental material make this edition an important reference.