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Black Visions: The Roots of Contemporary African-American Political Ideologies

Black Visions: The Roots of Contemporary African-American Political Ideologies
Author: Michael C. Dawson
ISBN 13: 9780226138602
ISBN 10: 226138607
Edition: 1
Publisher: University Of Chicago Press
Publication Date: 2002-01-10
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 352
List Price: $52.00

In Black Visions, Michael Dawson brings us the most comprehensive analysis to date of the complex relationship of black political thought to black political identity and behavior. Combining a historical perspective with conceptual sophistication and empirical evidence, Dawson identifies which political ideologies are supported by blacks, then traces their historical roots and examines their effects on black public opinion, not only among intellectuals and activists, but also at the grassroots level.

Although many (mostly white) commentators have argued that black political thought falls within the realm of American liberalism, many black commentators regard black political thought as a rejection of this liberalism. Here, Dawson argues that black visions are more varied and complex. Black ideologies, such as radical egalitarianism, disillusioned liberalism, and black conservatism do criticize American liberalism while still accepting its basic tenets. But other ideologies-black nationalism, black feminism, and black Marxism—challenge one or more of the premises of American liberalism. Ultimately, Dawson provocatively argues that the rise of a black counterpublic in the nineteenth century made the development of distinctive currents of black political thought possible. Based on the most extensive study of black public opinion to date, Dawson shows how each ideology still affects blacks' views on such issues as their position in American society, the nature of whites, and separatism.

Ranging from Frederick Douglass to rap artist Ice Cube, Dawson brilliantly illuminates the history and current role of black political thought in shaping political debate in America.