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Rommel: Lessons from Yesterday for Today's Leaders (World Generals Series)

Rommel: Lessons from Yesterday for Today's Leaders (World Generals Series)
Author: Charles Messenger
ISBN 13: 9780230609082
ISBN 10: 230609082
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: 2009-06-09
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 224
List Price: $34.99

Modeled on the acclaimed Great Generals series, which features the stategy and legacy of famous American generals, World Generals broadens the scope to include the world’s finest military leaders. Each volume will include a foreword by Wesley K. Clark, and be co-edited by a different foreign general who will write an afterword.

This exciting new series opens with “The Desert Fox,” the most famous German field marshall in World War II, Erwin Rommel. A hero of the people of the Third Reich and widely respected by his opponents, Rommel proved himself highly adept at Blitzkrieg warfare. Both in France and North Africa he consistently outwitted his adversaries through his ability to sense the weak spot in his enemy's deployment and the pace at which he conducted his operations. Rommel’s serious wounding in France came just three days before the aborted attempt on Hitler’s life. Rommel subsequently came under suspicion of being involved in the plot and, under pressure, he committed suicide. Rommel displayed an outstanding ability to seize the initiative and retain it, and here, Charles Messenger draws on the skills behind this ability for the benefit of modern day leaders.