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Convergent Journalism an Introduction: Writing and Producing Across Media

Convergent Journalism an Introduction: Writing and Producing Across Media
Author: N/A
ISBN 13: 9780240807249
ISBN 10: 240807243
Edition: 1
Publisher: Focal Press
Publication Date: 2005-08-26
Format: Paperback
Pages: 238
List Price: $44.95

Learn how to deliver news in any and all media. This one volume teaches you how to master all of the skills needed to be a converged journalist. Don’t think only broadcast or print. Think online, air waves, magazines, PDAs, cell phones and electronic paper. Convergent Journalism an Introduction explains what makes a news story effective today and how to recognize the best medium for a particular story. That medium may be the web, broadcast, radio, or a newspaper or magazine-or, more likely, all of the above. This text will explain how a single story can fulfil its potential through any media channel. Convergent Journalism an Introduction shows you, the news writer, editor, reporter, and producer how to tailor a story to meet the needs of various media, so your local news story can be written in a form appropriate for the web, print, PDA screen and broadcast.

* Contributors to the book draw from specific areas of expertise to provide a complete view of convergent journalism
* Clear, easy-to-read content explains all relevant simple-to-complex concepts
* From writing to graphics and photography to multimedia-it's all here

I knew within 10 minutes of opening this book I would adopt it for my multi-media/convergence course. It is a carefully crafted book written with grace. The new world of media is moving at break-neck speed and this is a book that helps all of us envision what the future can and will be. Although a complex and even controversial topic, Quinn and Filak explain, define and provide a great jumping off point for their readers into the world of convergence. The chapters are written by authors of power, credibility and good common sense. Best of all, my students like (that's right like) the book.

--Ralph Braseth is director of the fully converged student media center at the University of Mississippi and is assistant professor of journalism.

"...shows that writing a textbook about convergent journalism when most news media have yet to converge is not an easy endeavor, a combination of futurology and guesswork...It is also a worthy if not daring primer about the brave-new-world that awaits."—CBQ, Summer 2006