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Producing Great Sound for Film and Video (DV Expert Series)

Producing Great Sound for Film and Video (DV Expert Series)
Author: Jay Rose
ISBN 13: 9780240809700
ISBN 10: 24080970
Edition: 3
Publisher: Focal Press
Publication Date: 2008-03-03
Format: Paperback
Pages: 462
List Price: $46.95

Make your film or video project sound as good as it looks with this complete training course by audio guru Jay Rose. You get hundreds of professional, real-world techniques that you can employ from preproduction through the final mix. This is a solution-oriented guide with FAQs, how-tos, tips, and time savers.

You'll get a primer on how sound and digital audio work as well as technical setups, guidelines, and real solutions for:
* budgeting, scheduling, and preproduction planning
* microphones and room acoustics
* recording dialog, voice-overs, ADR, and effects
* postproduction hardware
* levels and digitizing
* working with music and sound effects
* producing the final mix

New to this edition:
* information on the latest cameras and field recorders
* choices between single- and double-system, and digital workflows
* the differences between traditional video soundtracks and dialog-driven storytelling.

Please visit the author's website for additional resources: www.dplay.com/book/pgs3e

* Having trouble with the sound on your video project? Find the solution in this best-selling guide.
* Includes time-tested guidelines and recommendations that work no matter what hardware or software package you use
* The audio CD includes diagnostics, demos, and tutorial tracks to hone your skills.