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The Holy War Idea in Western and Islamic Traditions (Occasional Papers)

The Holy War Idea in Western and Islamic Traditions (Occasional Papers)
Author: James Turner Johnson
ISBN 13: 9780271016337
ISBN 10: 271016337
Edition: 1st
Publisher: The Pennsylvania State University Press
Publication Date: 1997-05
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
List Price: $35.95

In this book James Turner Johnson explores the cultural traditions of the Christian West and Islam, in an effort to encourage a constructive dialogue on the nature of war for religion. No other issue highlights the difference between these two cultures more clearly or with more relevance for their interrelations throughout history and in the contemporary world.

In the West, war for religion is most often dismissed as a relic of the past. By contrast, war for religion has an honored place in the Islamic world, associated with a perennial religious requirement: striving in the path of faith by heart, tongue, and hands, designated by the now familiar term jihad. According to Johnson, we must understand that in the West religion and politics are placed in separate spheres, while normative Islam regards religion as properly integral to the political order. From this perspective religious concerns should have a place in statecraft, including the use of military force.

Three questions form the heart of Johnson's inquiry: Is there a legitimate justification of war for religion? What authority is required? What is the proper conduct in such wars? In each case, he asks the question by comparing religious wars with other kinds of wars. The picture that emerges is of war for religion not as an expression of fanatical excess but as a controlled, purposeful activity. With an eye to the present day, Johnson examines cases in history where distinctive models of war for religion were implemented by rulers. This in turn sets the stage for critical judgment on contemporary appeals to the idea of jihad in relation to political aims.

Well known for his work on peace and just war, Johnson draws upon awide base of historical and comparative scholarship. While the book is anchored primarily on the historical development of the two traditions, he aims throughout to shed light on contemporary attitudes, ideals, and behaviors, especially as they bear on real problems that affect relations between Western and Islamic cultures in the world today.