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The Sentimental Citizen: Emotion in Democratic Politics

The Sentimental Citizen: Emotion in Democratic Politics
Author: George E. Marcus
ISBN 13: 9780271022123
ISBN 10: 271022124
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Penn State University Press
Publication Date: 2002-07-11
Format: Paperback
Pages: 184
List Price: $35.95

This book challenges the conventional wisdom that improving democratic politics requires keeping emotion out of it. Marcus advances the provocative claim that the tradition in democratic theory of treating emotion and reason as hostile opposites is misguided and leads contemporary theorists to misdiagnose the current state of American democracy. Instead of viewing the presence of emotion in politics as a failure of rationality and therefore as a failure of citizenship, Marcus argues, democratic theorists need to understand that emotions are in fact a prerequisite for the exercise of reason and thus essential for rational democratic deliberation and political judgment. Attempts to purge emotion from public life not only are destined to fail but ultimately would rob democracies of a key source of revitalization and change. Drawing on recent research in neuroscience, Marcus shows how emotion functions generally and what role it plays in politics. Marcus concludes that we should recognize sentimental citizens as the only citizens really capable of exercising reasoned political judgment and putting their decisions into action.