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Intermediate Technical Japanese, Volume 2: Glossary (Technical Japanese Series)

Intermediate Technical Japanese, Volume 2:  Glossary (Technical Japanese Series)
Author: James L. Davis
ISBN 13: 9780299185640
ISBN 10: 299185648
Edition: 1
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Publication Date: 2002-12-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 428
List Price: $39.95

     Learn how to read and translate technical manuals, research publications, and reference works. This two-volume set is designed to help the intermediate-level learner of Japanese build a technical vocabulary, reinforce understanding of frequently used grammatical patterns, improve reading comprehension, and practice translating technical passages. The glossary in volume 2 clarifies words and phrases that often puzzle beginning readers.
     The sample readings on technical topics are drawn from a broad range of specialties, from mathematics and computer science to electronics and polymer science. The initial grammar lesson and the first nine field-specific lessons constitute the common core to be used by all instructors or students. Topics of interest from the remaining thirty-one field-specific lessons may be selected to produce a customized course of study. Intermediate Technical Japanese is designed to fulfill a typical two-semester sequence.

Volume 1 contains:
o  information about 600 key kanji
o  explanations of 100 important grammatical patterns
o  more than 700 scientific or technical essays
o  an index of the grammatical patterns.

Volume 2 contains:
o  a complete glossary