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The Craftsman

The Craftsman
Author: Richard Sennett
ISBN 13: 9780300151190
ISBN 10: 300151195
Edition: 1
Publisher: Yale University Press
Publication Date: 2009-03-31
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
List Price: $18.00

In his most ambitious book to date, Richard Sennett offers an original perspective on craftsmanship and its close connections to work and ethical values

The Barnes & Noble Review

In The Stones of Venice, his masterpiece indictment of "flamboyant" virtuosity, John Ruskin wrote, "you can teach a man to draw a straight line; to strike a curved line, and to carve it.with admirable speed and precision; and you will find his work perfect of a kind; but if you ask him to think about any of those forms, to consider if he cannot find any better in his own head, he stops; his execution becomes hesitating; he thinks, and ten to one he thinks wrong; ten to one he makes a mistake in the first touch he gives to his work as a thinking being. But you have made a man of him for all that, he was only a machine before, an animated tool." Richard Sennett draws on this passage in The Craftsman to call attention to an aspect of craftsmanship that distinguishes it from work executed as a means to an end: the intimacy of problem solving and problem finding that craftsmen salubriously embrace, their hands and heads in dialectical engagement with the material being formed.