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My Lobotomy

My Lobotomy
Author: Howard Dully - Charles Fleming
ISBN 13: 9780307381279
ISBN 10: 307381277
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: Broadway Books
Publication Date: 2008-08-26
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
List Price: $15.00

In this gut-wrenching memoir, Howard Dully recounts what life was like after he was needlessly lobotomized by an unlicensed physician at the age of twelve at the behest of his abusive stepmother.

The New York Times - William Grimes

Mr. Dully eventually finds a woman who loves him, a love he returns to her, her son and the son they have together. Therein lies the answer to the biggest question of Mr. Dully's life. The lobotomy, although terrible, was not the greatest injury done to him. His greatest misfortune, as his own testimony makes clear, was being raised by parents who could not give him love. The lobotomy, he writes, made him feel like a Frankenstein monster. But that's not quite right. By the age of 12 he already felt that way. It's this that makes My Lobotomy one of the saddest stories you'll ever read.