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The Great Ape Project: Equality Beyond Humanity

The Great Ape Project: Equality Beyond Humanity
Author: N/A
ISBN 13: 9780312118181
ISBN 10: 31211818
Edition: St Martin's Gri
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: 1994-12-15
Format: Paperback
Pages: 312
List Price: $21.99

A compelling and revolutionary work that calls for the immediate extension of our human rights to the great apes.

The Great Ape Project looks forward to a new stage in the development of the community of equals, whereby the great apes-chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans-will actually receive many of the same protections and rights that are already accorded to humans.

This profound collection of thirty-one essays by the world's most distinguished observers of free-living apes make up a uniquely satisfying whole, blending observation and interpretation in a highly persuasive case for a complete reassessment of the moral status of our closest kin.