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Little Children: A Novel

Little Children: A Novel
Author: Tom Perrotta
ISBN 13: 9780312362829
ISBN 10: 31236282
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: 2006-09-19
Format: Paperback
Pages: 355
List Price: $13.95

"Perrotta is that rare writer equally gifted at drawing people's emotional maps…and creating sidesplitting scenes. Suburban comedies don't come any sharper."—People Magazine

TOM PERROTTA's thirtyish parents of young children are a varied and surprising bunch. There's Todd, the handsome stay-at-home dad, dubbed "The Prom King" by the moms at the playground, and his wife, Kathy, a documentary filmmaker envious of the connection Todd has forged with their toddler son. And there's Sarah, a lapsed feminist surprised to find she's become a typical wife in a traditional marriage, and her husband, Richard, who is becoming more and more involved with an internet fantasy life than with his own wife and child.

"…poignantly funny… Little Children will be Mr. Perrotta's breakthrough popular hit…"

The New York Times

"A virtuoso set of overlapping character studies…a greatly auspicious and instructive encounter with the dread world of maturity."

The Washington Post

"Little Children made me laugh so hard I had to put it down…a precise and witty evocation of the sweet, mind-numbing routines and everyday marital conflicts…an effervescent new work."

Entertainment Weekly

"…engrossing, compassionate…"


These parents raise their kids in the kind of quiet suburb where nothing ever seems to happen—until one eventful summer, when a convicted child molester moves back to town, and two parents begin an affair that goes further than either of them could have imagined.

The Washington Post

Little Children, like all Perrotta's work, is a virtuoso set of overlapping character studies, the sort of book where both a remorseless Stepford mom and an accused child molester can inspire pity and show themselves more than capable of their own sorts of compassion … Tom Perrotta is, indeed, all grown up now, and Little Children, is a greatly auspicious and instructive encounter with the dread world of maturity. — Chris Lehmann