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Convergences: Themes, Texts, and Images for Composition

Convergences: Themes, Texts, and Images for Composition
Author: Robert Atwan
ISBN 13: 9780312467340
ISBN 10: 312467346
Edition: Third Edition
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
Publication Date: 2008-12-24
Format: Paperback
Pages: 688
List Price: N/A

By pairing essays with other kinds of compositions — a TV show, a news report, a photo, an ad, a cast-off grocery list — Convergences asks students to respond to all kinds of visual and verbal texts. Its organization into six broad thematic chapters — each of which is broken out into six clusters — presents the materials in a way that is compelling and teachable. Convergences urges students to ask: Why did that author write that essay? Where was it published, and for what audience? What is the message of that poem? Why is that image on that Web site? Who thinks that joke is funny? How is that ad getting me to buy things I don’t need? And, most importantly — how do I make meaning of it all? With its full-color design, varied themes and texts, and helpful reading and writing support, Convergences inspires students to read the world in new ways — and to respond thoughtfully in their own compositions.