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Mummy Math: An Adventure in Geometry

Mummy Math: An Adventure in Geometry
Author: Cindy Neuschwander
ISBN 13: 9780312561178
ISBN 10: 312561172
Edition: 1 Reprint
Publisher: Square Fish
Publication Date: 2009-07-21
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
List Price: $7.99

Matt and Bibi use math to escape from a pharaoh’s tomb!

Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D. - Children's Literature

Matt and Bibi's parents, famous scientists, were invited to Egypt to help find a mummy in an ancient tomb. Bibi fortunately studied hieroglyphics in preparation for the trip. An archeologist greeted the family upon arrival at the historic site and told them that the tomb was a complete mystery. The burial chamber could not be found. As their parents were preparing for the exploration, Matt, Bibi, and Riley (their dog) crawled through a tiny opening in the pyramid. A door closed behind them. Now they were dependent on their knowledge of geometric shapes to solve they puzzle of the missing tomb and find their way out. They discovered pictures of cones, spheres, cubes, cylinders, pyramids, tetrahedrons, and prisms painted on the walls. Messages written in hieroglyphics provided clues. The twins successfully maneuvered their way into the tomb. They expressed excitement when they saw the treasures in the anteroom and then found the coffin with the mummy and burial mask in place. A map in the coffin lid provided showed the way out. A note at the end of the book provides suggested learning activities for teachers and parents to use with children. Large, colorful illustrations portray symbols and structures associated with ancient Egypt. A good introduction to solid geometry in an interesting context. 2005, Henry Holt and Company, Ages 8 to 11.