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The Red Hat Club

The Red Hat Club
Author: Haywood Smith
ISBN 13: 9780312984304
ISBN 10: 312984308
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: 2004
Format: Paperback
Pages: N/A
List Price: N/A

Meet Georgia, SuSu, Teeny, Diane, and Linda-five women who've been best friends through thirty years since high school. Whenever they get the chance, they don their red hats and purple outfits for a delicious monthly serving of racy jokes, iced tea and chicken salad, baskets of sweet rolls, the latest Buckhead gossip, and-most of all-lively support and caring through the ups and downs of their lives. When Diane discovers her banker husband has a condo (with mistress) that he bought with their retirement funds, the Red Hats swing into action and plot to hang him with his own rope in a story that serves up laughter, elegant revenge, high school memories, long-lost loves, a suburban dominatrix, plenty of white wine and junk food and most of all, the power of friendship.

" A tribute to women who emerged victorious through divorce, menopause, spreading waistlines, and other tribulations." -Chicago Tribune

"The Red Hat Club is a valuable life lesson for women of all ages...a spunky, sexy, intriguing, lickety-split romp." -Times (Roanoke, VA)

This novel has not been authorized or endorsed by the Red Hat Society™

Publishers Weekly

Smith's hardcover debut, Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch, was a charmer, but her newest offering falls flat. Five middle-aged women in Atlanta, former sorority sisters and now the last bastion of "civilized" (read: white and Southern) society, meet monthly to dish up gossip and drink iced tea in their red hats and purple outfits, in honor of Jenny Joseph's poem "Warning" ("When I am an old woman I shall wear purple/ With a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me"). Strictly abiding by a list of 12 time-honored rules labeled the "Sacred Traditions" ("Tradition 5: Mind your own business; Tradition 10: With the exception of alcoholic beverages, all calories shall be in chewable form"), they serve as each others' support network. When Diane's husband is discovered to be cheating on her in a condo she paid for the five decide to turn the tables on him. The plot clips along, but the characters are dislikable enough to sabotage the momentum. The Red Hatters tragic wronged wife Diane; flawlessly attired corporate bride Teeny; promiscuous divorc e SuSu; graying, happily married Linda; and narrator Georgia, a restless wife dreaming of her first love, are little more than cardboard cutouts. Their obsession with proper behavior grates on the nerves, and Georgia is overwhelmingly prissy: "the possibility annoyed the poo out of me." The flashbacks to the women's sorority days are more successful one chapter in which two of the girls, terrified of making a friend miss curfew, drive her stuck-in-reverse car five miles home backwards is a chuckler but nothing makes this disappointing effort stand out from the ranks of Rebecca Wells wannabes. Agent, Mel Berger. (Sept.) Forecast: A great jacket and title will have readers reaching for the book (released in a first printing of 50,000), but less-than-stellar word of mouth may stifle sales. Regional author tour. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.